Jessica Kennedy Acupuncture

You should be vibrant & resilient

Your body is designed to feel fantastic.

Your wellbeing may have been knocked off balance by stress or overwork, injuries or illness, trauma or life experiences, or inbuilt constitutional challenges.

Acupuncture aims to bring you back to balance.

And Chinese medicine is concerned with your ben as well as your biao, the roots as well as the symptoms of your current state of health.

Five Elements & TCM

Jessica will diagnose and treat you using the frameworks of both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which looks at how you are, and Five Element Acupuncture, which looks more at who you are, from a constitutional perspective.

Jessica’s latest articles

  • Medicinal bleeding for psoriasis

    Medicinal bleeding for psoriasis

    Bloodletting might not be the first thing you’d think of as a modern treatment for psoriasis, but research suggests that it may be able to help. Psoriasis often involves chronic pain, and is not a nice condition to have. Genetics play a big role, and it’s now recognised as an immune disorder. Triggers for a…

  • Acupuncture for vocal cord problems

    Acupuncture for vocal cord problems

    I really feel for people who have a problem that is very visible to others – a problem affecting the face, or ability to walk, or something else that can feel like it’s on display to other full time. Problems with the vocal cords are another one of these – every time you try and…

  • Bloodletting & leeches? Old fashioned treatments are more in fashion than you might think…

    Bloodletting & leeches? Old fashioned treatments are more in fashion than you might think…

    Traditional Chinese bloodletting seems to be having a bit of a rennaissance. Say what now? I hear you asking… yup, it definitely sounds a bit odd! When I first studied acupuncture, it was mentioned in our textbooks and our classes, but we didn’t get any practical teaching. Traditional Chinese bloodletting Since 2014 though, two master…

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