The cost of acupuncture in Perth

Cost of acupuncture in Perth

What is the cost of acupuncture in Perth? After years practising in London, I researched this question before I set up my acupuncture clinic in Leederville.

Most websites don’t tell you their cost of acupuncture, but here’s a snapshot of what I did find.

Cost of acupuncture in Perth

LocationInitial appointmentOngoing appointment
East Perth $110 $100
Fremantle $105-$125
(60-90 mins)
(45-60 mins)
(60 mins)
(40 mins)
North Perth $90
(80 mins)
(50 mins)
Midland (1)$50$50
Midland (2)$90$70
(60-90 mins)
(40-60 mins)

So that’s a lot of variation! What are some of the reasons for that?

Extra charges at some clinics

Well, one question is what is included within your appointment. In my clinic I provide whatever you need during your treatment, at no extra charge. As well as acupuncture, that may include cupping, electroacupuncture, gua sha or moxa treatment.

Some of the clinics above charge extra for these though.

LocationExtra charges
Fremantle $20 extra for cupping
Midland (1)$25 extra for cupping
Midland (2)$25 extra for cupping
$25 extra for gua sha
Northbridge $30 extra for cupping
$15 extra for moxibustion

So it may be that once you start adding on these extras, a lower priced appointment may not end up saving you money.

Individual attention

Another variable is whether you get the acupuncturist’s undivided attention. Some practitioners will run two treatment rooms at once, and while you lie with your needles in, they’ll start their consultation with their other patient in the other room. (So then it makes sense that they need to charge extra to do a service like cupping where they will remain in the room with you.)

Further down this path, some practitioners operate in multi-bed clinics, where numerous treatment couches are set up in a large space, and patients are treated alongside each other. This can be a great way of reaching out with low cost acupuncture to those parts of the community that might not otherwise be able to access treatment.

Part of what I enjoy about my work is being fully present with each person I see during the day. If you come to me you will get my undivided attention throughout your treatment.

How long is the appointment?

You can see from my research above that it varies a lot how long each practitioner will spend with you. There’s a really wide range of styles of acupuncture, and a really wide range of how acupuncturists approach their practice.

Some clinics allocate 30 minutes for an ongoing appointment. With a shorter appointment like this, the focus may be very tightly on your main complaint – your sore elbow, say. And if your needles are going to be in for 20 minutes, and you’ll need a few minutes to disrobe and robe, get comfortable on the couch, and for the practitioner to set up and clear the room at the start and finish, the time allocated to ongoing consultation with you about your health will be relatively brief.

In my practice I allow up to 90 mins for each first appointment, and 45 minutes for ongoing appointments, to give time to comprehensively explore your health, review cause and effect within your overall wellbeing, and identify all the ways in which acupuncture may be able to help you.

How many treatments will you need?

Well! That’s a question you’ll need to ask your practitioner. What I would say though, is that it’s best to think in terms of at least 4-6 treatments.

How often will you need to have treatment?

Again, different clinics may have different approaches to this.

For most people who come to me, I recommend weekly treatment initially. This is often for the first 2-3 weeks, then when you are feeling well for the full week between appointments, we stretch them out to every two weeks. When you’re feeling well for the full two weeks between appointments, we stretch them out to monthly.

But of course this is subject to what’s practical for you. Having treatment should never become a source of stress in itself!

The cost of acupuncture in Perth compared to the eastern states

By a lucky hap, a colleague in Melbourne has just done a survey on the cost of acupuncture across Australia.

Prices were similar to what I found in Perth:

  • $81-$130 for a first appointment
  • $70-100 for an ongoing appointment
  • Average prices were a little lower in outer suburbs or rural areas
  • There wasn’t generally a pricing difference between newly qualified practitioners and those with years of experience
  • Practitioners who are running a second treatment room and seeing two patients at once, or who have shorter appointments, don’t necessarily charge their patients less

And there’s a nice table towards the bottom of his article which flags up the full range of the help you are likely to receive from your acupuncturist, beyond just the needling. As well as modalities like cupping and moxa treatment, many practitioners (and I am one of them) are routinely utilising the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to provide dietary and lifestyle advice.

Cost of acupuncture with me

I charge $120 for your first appointment, and I ask you to allow up to 90 minutes. Ongoing appointments are $80 and up to 45 minutes.

So, which should you pick?

I wouldn’t say there’s a better and a worse version amongst all this. Cheaper may not be better. More expensive may not be better either. It’s all about a good fit. I think you’ll be drawn to the practitioner who has the right approach for you:

  • Some people want a quick appointment and a sharp focus.
  • Or you may really value having the time to be heard, and for your health to be comprehensively explored and holistically supported.

If you’re in that second group, then I may be the perfect practitioner for you, and I will look forward to hearing from you.

How can you book?

Just get in touch!

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay