Acupuncture in Moora

Small towns deserve all the same services as big cities! Especially when it comes to our health. The positive evidence base for acupuncture is slowly growing, confirming the benefits for a range of conditions as diverse as hayfever and migraines.

And even Australia’s country doctors are on board – in 2013 a study in regional and rural NSW showed 68% of GPs referring patients for acupuncture at least a few times per year. 

So the good news is that more acupuncture is coming to Moora! From 12 November, I’ll be offering appointments twice a month at the Moora Wellness Centre on Gardiner Street.

Acupuncture for everyone

If you’d like to book in to see how acupuncture may be able to help you, you’ll be in good company.

A a 2005 research project showed that nearly 1 in 10 Australians had used acupuncture within the last year. The study showed more people seeing acupuncturists in NSW, Victoria and Queensland than in our other states, so I’d guess that’s because that’s where it’s been most available.

And acupuncture is on the move across the world, with global acupuncture demand estimated to be climbing at 14.5% per year, as more and more people find out about its benefits.

Joining the Moora Wellness team

“We’re so pleased Jessica’s going to be joining us here at the Moora Wellness Centre!  Moora has a way of drawing people in, and we’re so thrilled Jessica is bringing her wealth of knowledge to practice here. Whether you live in a city or rurally, everyone deserves access to the full range of health services available.”

Joley Holliday, Moora Wellness Centre

Loving the country life

I’ve lived in big cities and tiny villages, and there’s a huge soft spot in my heart for both. When I moved from the UK to Perth, I wasn’t planning to be one of those Perth folk who never leave the metro area, except to fly to Bali! I’ve been out and about in WA, enjoying all the natural beauty this gorgeous state has to offer.

It was passing through Moora on the way back from a camping trip, that inspiration struck. I found myself gazing at the Moora Wellness Centre, and thinking, huh! Then I drove back to Perth, and the natural beauty on the way just blew me away. How can I fit more of this into my life, I was thinking? So I dropped an email to Joley and Marcus…

Back story

What brought me to this point? I studied acupuncture in the UK and qualified in 2005, and built up a busy practice in London. In the end though I couldn’t resist the before the lure of WA’s natural beauty and sunny skies.

I practice two styles of acupuncture in an integrated way – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element style. These both date back through 2,000 extraordinary years of the history of traditional east Asian medicine. Five Element acupuncture is taught at colleges in the US and Europe, but the full training is not available in Australia, so usually it’s harder to access here.  It has a particular focus on mental and emotional wellbeing.

I’m AHPRA registered and recognised by the health funds.

Book your treatment

If you’re ready to give acupuncture a try, and keen to support a new local service, get in touch.


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