Acupuncture is coming to Narrogin

Acupuncture is coming to Narrogin! Offering a fresh approach for lots of areas of your health. From Monday 15 March I’ll be providing acupuncture once a fortnight at Narrogin Chiropractic.

Acupuncture for everyone

Have you tried acupuncture yet? If you have, you’re part of a trend – nearly one in ten Australians use acupuncture each year, according to research in 2005.

Interestingly, that data showed more people in NSW, Victoria and Queensland having acupuncture than in WA. I suspect that lower availability has been part of what has been holding WA back.

Every community deserves access to all forms of health care. Certainly more and more people around the world are making use of what acupuncture has to offer – global growth is estimated at 14.5% per year.

And country doctors in Australia are aware of the benefits too – 68% of NSW country GPs refer patients at least a few times a year for acupuncture, according to a study in 2013.

Joining the Narrogin Chiropractic team

I’ve been chatting to locations all around town over recent months, looking for the ideal venue for acupuncture, and I’ve met lots of lovely people along the way.

Hygiene is mission-critical for acupuncture, so with all the very specific requirements about handwashing facilities and washable flooring and whatnot, it’s taken me some time to find my new base with the great team at Narrogin Chiropractic. The first two times I came to town looking for premises were on days the clinic wasn’t open, so I just peered mournfully through the glass at the beautiful reception area…

Now that I’ve finally managed to meet Roueen and Kiara, it feels like I’ve reached the perfect spot. Waiting to meet with them, and watching patients come and go through the reception area, showcased such a warm and welcoming environment.

How is acupuncture different from dry needling?

Dry needling is more and more available, from all different practitioners. It’s a really positive thing for a partial form of acupuncture to be reaching a wider audience.

The type of musculo-skeletal needling that dry needlers do though, is only a small part of what the full discipline of traditional acupuncture – and more than three years of acupuncture training – can offer you.

Science is catching up too, with studies now confirming the benefits of acupuncture for a wide range of health problems, from hayfever to migraines.

About me

So what’s bringing me to Narrogin? Well, I’d have been surprised if you’d have told me five years ago what I’d be up to now! The short answer is – I moved to Perth three years ago from the UK and I’m now obsessed with camping, exploring WA, and getting out into nature.

Way back in the day, I qualified in the UK in 2005 and built up a busy practice in London. When nature started calling me, I moved first to the green fields and quaint villages of the Cotswolds. But then the sunshine started calling me, and now here I am! Lucky me.

My practice integrates two fantastic styles of acupuncture – TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture. Both have histories dating back through 2,000 years of East Asian medicine. Five Element acupuncture is not taught in Australia – unlike the US and Europe – and it has a strong emphasis on mental and emotional wellbeing.

I am registered with AHPRA (the Australian healthcare regulator), and with the health funds.

Book your treatment

If you’re ready to give acupuncture a try, and keen to support a new local service, get in touch.


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