Acupuncture in West Perth

*** UPDATE *** Jessica is no longer available in West Perth

Are you thinking about having some acupuncture treatment in West Perth? Jessica is available at the super convenient Centro clinic on Wellington Street. And she will be pleased to hear from you – just get in touch.

A range of different types of problems can respond well to acupuncture. Great examples include osteoarthritis of the knee, migraines and hayfever. And if you’re not sure whether it will be the right approach for you, just get in touch to discuss your situation with Jessica.

Similarly, acupuncture is not restricted to any one group of people. Jessica’s patients have included everyone from toddlers to the elderly, and everything in between. Also people from all walks of life.

Acupuncture in West Perth

If you have to travel a long way to and from a treatment, it can end up being stressful enough to start undermining the benefits of your treatment just because of all that driving! So if you live or work in West Perth or the CBD, the central location of the Centro clinic makes it really easy to fit into your day.

Jessica is available in West Perth at:

Centro Health, 953 Wellington St, West Perth WA 6005.

You can find paid parking behind the clinic on Thelma Street. From there you can walk down the right of way to the back door of the clinic.

Furthermore, the green and yellow CAT buses, and the 28 bus, all stop out front on Wellington Street, for an even more convenient journey.

About Jessica

Jessica’s practice is new in Perth, after many years of training and experience in the UK. So, you can enjoy the peace of mind of seeing a fully qualified and registered traditional acupuncturist.

Jessica is registered with AHPRA, and is a member of AACMA. And in the UK she is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

If your private health insurance covers acupuncture, Jessica is a registered provider with most of the Australian health funds. Contact your fund to check what coverage you will receive.

Next steps

Get in touch to book your first appointment, or read more about your treatment, more about Jessica.

Certainly there’s no telling how you’ll respond to acupuncture until you give it a try, because everyone’s response is so individual. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jessica with any questions.

So, Jessica will look forward to meeting you at your first acupuncture appointment in West Perth…